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Freud Called and A Cloudy Day in Utopia Installed

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Freud Called and A Cloudy Day in Utopia Installed

Project Description

Painting completed while living in Richmond, VA. Inspired by philosophy and science fiction themes. Art created while studying philosophy and art at the University of Richmond.

Inspired by studies of Sigmund Freud  while researching his Civlization and its Discontents. Main themes of this work involves the Oedipus complex and the rivalry between humans which creates a state of discontent. 

The mechanical cloud figure symbolizes an industrialized conception of nature and natural processes, which is my interpretation of a utopia.

To see more of the multi panel installation:

Freud Called Icon    

A Cloudy Day in Utopia, 

Long Legs and a Big Head

Project Details

 Published May 13, 2013
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