Dee Glazer

Goldfish With A Hammer?

  • Jun


    The following is a piece by Neil Mendoza entitled "Fish Hammer." The fish's name is "Smashie," in case you are curious. 

    "People love to break ocean stuff. The Fish Hammer empowers fish to break people stuff" states Mendoza about his piece. 

    Naturally, I am a fan of the act of giving a fish a robot. I think all fish should have robots, bluetooth capabilties, and wifi hot spots. I am curious to know if the fish ever realizes the effect it has on the world outside of its tank, or if it never notices what goes on behind it. Either due to being inable to see outside of his tank, or not having that pseudo 4th wall capability of self realization of self. 

    Irregardless, both are great metaphors for humanity's effect on the world of the ocean, a place we can't really see, whose effects we don't quite realize. 

    Funny, unique, creative, smart, and witty. 




    Original article found on Hyperallergic