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Bowery Mural

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    I have been following Hyperallergic's coverage this week about the Bowery Mural painted by David Choe. For those that have not been following these events, David Choe was commissioned to paint the infamous Hosuton and Bowery wall. The controversy of this decision was fueled by his comments made via podcastabout rape culture and his admission to raping a woman a few years ago. Here is a clip from the interview:

    • Choe responded that he considered his actions to have been ?rapey behavior? but not actual rape. ?But the thrill of possibly going to jail, that?s what achieved the erection quest,? responded Choe. Akira pressed, ?You?re basically telling us that you?re a rapist now and the only way to get your dick really hard is rape.? To this, Choe responded simply, ?Yeah.?

    Choe later claimed that this comment was "bad storytelling in the style of douche." Irregardless, he has a history of making comments about rape culture, and the public is not happy about Choe being commissioned for the mural. 


    The Houston and Bowery wall is curated by Goldman Properties. Some of the artists who have previously painted it are Shepard FaireySwoonOs GemeosLady AikoJRBarry McGeeFaileCrashMaya Hayuk, and Futura, to name a few.

    On Sunday, a group of artists and protesters led a demonstration at the mural site, which was recently white washed by an unknown source. The mural had been vandalized a handful of times before the white washing took place, including words like "rapist" being spray painted onto it. The protesters claimed that the demonstration was not necessarily about David Choe, but more about rape culture and bringing awareness to it, and that Choe was more just the situation that fueled this demonstration being planned. 




    <all images were borrowed from Hyperallergic's coverage of the story,  which can be found here>