Dee Glazer

Are Reptilians Taking Over the World?

  • Jun



    So, I don't know if you have heard, but there is supposedly an alien species called Reptilians that are running the planet Earth. I was listening to The Paranormal podcast with Jim Harold that gives a basic rundown on the topic.

    Here are some of the main points:

    • These creatures are thought to originate from the star system Draco.
    • It is believed that these creatures were the original occupants of the planet Earth and have influenced human history.
    • They are creating humanoid Reptilians by using Human DNA, to become more like us.
    • They are behind the Iluminati, which are in fact people of "blue blood," meaning with the closest heritage to the Reptilians.
    • They influenced the creation of WWI and WWII.
    • The deepest layer of our brain is in fact, Reptilian.

    And so forth.

    David Icke, a popular Reptilian researcher, has accused many people to be shapeshifting Reptilians. Many of these acusees included presidents, kings and queens. They are in theory  intent upon controlling the resources on planet Earth for their own benefit. It appears that they own most of the starsystem and are bent on taking it all over for themselves. They are also financially stable as they have many galactic banks.

     Not quite sure what to make of this? Me neither. It is a lot to take in.